Diplomas and certificates


Step 1: Intake and driving test to test suitability for the job using a strengths and weakness analysis.

Step 2: CCV-D1 basic driving course Executive Chauffeur.

Step 3: CCV-D2 vadvanced driving course Executive Chauffeur.

Explanation of CCV D1 and CCV D2:
The CCV is a renowned examination institute. The exams for the CCV-D1 and CCV-D2 Certificate Executive Chauffeur are conducted by examiners from the CCV, an independent division of the CBR (Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen – Central Office of Driving Licences)

Step 4: the D3 specialist driving course.

Step 5: the D4 continued specialist driving course.

Information D3 and D4:
These advanced driving courses are offered by various specialist trainers in the Netherlands.

Step 6: Armoured vehicles.


• EHBO (First Aid) / BHV (Workplace First Aid) / Carrying out primary lifesaving actions.
• Car in water.
• Escape techniques.
• Preventative observation.
• Making route safety plans.
• Risk management.
• Winter training.
• Circuit training.
• Advanced driving skills training.
• Annual renewal training.
• Frequent driving training.