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Private, Executive, and Security Chauffeurs

Your time, our priority.

You ask a great deal of yourself. We do that too. You don’t want to waste a minute on anything which gets in the way of your aims. We don’t either. Your time is precious. We understand that. Who are we? Welmer private, executive and security chauffeurs.

Welmer chauffeurs strive to meet your needs. Before, during and after the drive. We turn your travelling time into quality time. The way we take care of our clients means that our chauffeurs belong to the very best in the Benelux.

“Welmer chauffeurs are not standard chauffeurs, they are much more than that.”

Top EntrepreneurMultinational

Travel time becomes time to relax.

Welmer chauffeurs excel in what they do so that you can excel in what you do. It’s your time which counts for them. Meetings, preparation, going over figures or reading a newspaper, or maybe doing nothing at all, or even having a quick nap: travelling has never been so useful.

Our chauffeurs have all the required diplomas and certificates so that they take you to your destination pleasantly, comfortably and safely. In your own car or in one of our fleet cars. You can expect phenomenal driving technique, extensive topographical knowledge, good preparation as well as insight into security risks as well as much more from a Welmer chauffeur.

What sets our chauffeurs apart from others is the way in which they carry out their job. Service is in their DNA. They are real organizers who will do everything it takes and make themselves useful by making sure you have some relaxation time.

A drive with a Welmer chauffeur is an experience, from start to finish. Our chauffeurs are proud to contribute to your success.

Quality talks.

Our chauffeurs are not only masters in controlling vehicles in every situation, they are also all nice people with a fine sense of what their client needs.

The reactions of our clients are a reward and confirmation of our striving for perfection when selecting our chauffeurs. The testimonials below have been made anonymous for obvious reasons. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like any more references.

“Incredible how controlled and smooth Welmer transports us through Brussels.”

Commissioner PresidentEuropean institution

A 5 star service.

Henk is a very pleasant chauffeur, a real gentleman with service in his veins.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Incredible how quickly and securely Welmer can drive us through Brussels.

Commissioner and president of a European institution

You would think it was his home town. Welmer isn’t just like any chauffeur, he’s the best

Chairman of the Executive Board

A chauffeur with experience as a marine. Makes me feel very safe.

Chairman of the Executive Board

Jeroen is the best chauffeur I have ever had.

Chairman of the Executive Board of a multinational

Welmer chauffeurs are no standard chauffeurs, they are much more than that.

Top entrepreneur

Your chauffeur is very well prepared, drives very well and is a very pleasant person.

Lead country manager

Jan organizes almost everything for me and helps me relax. That makes me feel really good.

CFO of a multinational

My days are already so busy and full. It’s wonderful to be able to talk to Welmer and let off a little steam.

Director of a cultural institution

Top chauffeurs drive top cars.

A Welmer chauffeur drives you to your destination in your own car or in one of our fleet cars. If the situation demands we drive you in a car from our fleet, then we can offer you a number of suitable options. Whether you prefer sustainability, luxury or safety.

Should you need an armoured vehicle, then you can rely on our security chauffeur, with all of the required qualifications, to take you safely to your destination. If you would like more information about the qualities and abilities of our security chauffeurs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our chauffeurs

Private Chauffeur

✓ Minimum 25 years old
✓ Trained in CCV-D1
✓ Able to perform first life-saving actions
✓ Possesses the appropriate Certificate of Conduct (VOG)
✓ Experience with various target groups
✓ Excellent topographical knowledge
✓ Service-oriented attitude
✓ Discreet
✓ Drives for VIPs

Executive Chauffeur

✓ Minimum 25 years old
✓ At least trained in CCV-D1
✓ Able to perform first life-saving actions
✓ Possesses the correct Certificate of Conduct (VOG)
✓ Experience in the top segment of the market
✓ Excellent topographical knowledge
✓ Service-oriented attitude
✓ Discreet
✓ Drives for CEOs, directors, and supervisors.

Security Chauffeur

✓ Criteria for private and executive driver plus:
✓ CCV-D2, Interseco B,C,D or special trainings at the Corps of the National Police
✓ Preventative observation techniques and skills
✓ Police, defense background or worked at the Royal House
✓ Ability to think pragmatically and goal-oriented
✓ Creating a route safety plan
✓ Mastery of escape techniques
✓ Experience with armored transport
✓ Experience with personal security
✓ If requested, judicially screened

Contact Welmer.

A strong team for you.

At the head of Welmer chauffeurs is Welmer Schoonhoven: entrepreneur, first class service provider and top chauffeur. Together with chauffeurs Jan and Jeroen, he manages an elite body of private, executive and security chauffeurs. These are all people to cherish, because very few chauffeurs can meet our high standards. We are confident that you won’t find any better private, executive or security chauffeurs than ours in the whole of the Benelux.

How do you recognize a Welmer chauffeur? A host in heart and soul, a professional who is at one with their car, a service provider delivering service without compromises, a trusted person whose norm is discretion, a beacon of calm in every circumstance, a personal assistant on the road, a calm guardian of the client’s safety.

Quality increases energy.

Delivering quality is Welmer’s reason for existence. Why? Because real quality lasts, it does something to you, gives you joy, makes life better.

During his many travels and encounters with people from different cultures, Welmer realised that appreciation for quality is universal. Quality starts from scratch. A product can be really beautifully designed, but if the material it is made of is bad quality, the final result can never be a ten. That’s exactly how Welmer views the service which he and his colleagues provide: the whole picture has to be right.

He is driven by a striving for quality. He goes a long way, because as Welmer knows: it’s impossible to deliver too much quality. Welmer is energized by developing something great, by surprising his clients and colleagues. Their amazement is his fuel, their gratitude works as an engine.